Wafer Flake | Food for rodents and rabbits

|Wafer Flake | Food for rodents and rabbits
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Wafer Flake 350 Gr
Wafer Flake 2 Kg
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WAFER FLAKE, the complete long-fibre meal for rodents and rabbits.
Feed produced using high quality hay and forage mixed with steamed cereals and legumes. Subsequently compacted as a biscuit to obtain a complete food for your small pet; it is friable, palatable and highly digestible. An healthy and balanced feed, tasty hay cubes with crispy flaked cereals. A new concept in health for rabbits and rodents. This product does not have to be supplemented by other foodstuffs.

Crude PROTEINS 11,00 %
Crude OILS AND FATS 2,00 %
Crude FIBER 25,00 %
Crude ASH 6,50 %
Net weight 350gr or 2,00 kg.

Feed about 30/50 gr of Wafer Flake daily, depending on pet’s activity and size. Always provide clean, fresh water. Provides all the daily needs.

Wafer Flake is a complete meal that is easy to serve daily and practical to keep at home. Parcel out 30/50 g of Wafer Flake per day, depending upon the activity and size of the animal. Hay and cereals provide the daily energy requirement. Suitable for completely replacing the diet of our little friends, delicious food for rabbits, tasty food for guinea pigs, healthy and balanced for feeding hamsters and the perfect food for rodents. High quality meadow grass, selected to provide the best hay for rodents and rabbits, with superior organoleptic characteristics.