Natural ingredients | We nourish your pet’s well-being

|Natural ingredients | We nourish your pet’s well-being
Natural ingredients | We nourish your pet’s well-being 2018-05-04T15:45:37+00:00

We, 2G PET FOOD only use natural ingredients with a high biological value to produce our flakes, without the use of by-products, to give to your pet the best in terms of quality and well-being.

Natural ingredients | We nourish your pet’s well-being


Only the pulp of fruits and whole pieces of carefully selected and dehydrated vegetables to preserve nutritional richness, salts and fibres that balance your pet’s diet. Rich in vitamins and simple sugars for a delicious meal without weighing your pet down.


Steamed and processed into flakes to make them more digestible and keep the fibres intact, ensuring regularity and health. Natural ingredients that complement the diet by integrating protein intake without increasing the proportion of fat, for an animal that is fit and full of vitality.


Quality cuts of meat and fish made in Italy. Croquettes made using only the noble proteins of fish and meat in a recipe without added cereal to help the health of the body and muscles with a balanced intake of fats.


Herbs line was designed for a nutritional, healthy and functional rewards. The aromatic herbs in the recipes support the health and energy of the dog. Each plant is functional, has specific beneficial properties which stimulate, protect and improve the health and vitality of the dog.