Muesli Flakes 350 Gr
Muesli Flakes 2 Kg
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MUESLI FLAKES, provides all the substances that are found in nature and are necessary for a correct and balanced diet. MUESLI FLAKES complement normal rations based on hay, ensuring optimal digestive activity and ensuring your rodent friends are kept in good shape.

– Considerable intake of vitamins.
– Food safety warranty.
– Practicality of use.
– No added colouring, artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Crude PROTEIN 12,50 %
Crude OILS AND FATS 2,00 %
Crude FIBER 8,00 %
Crude ASH 2,50 %
Net weight 350gr o 2,00 kg.

Split two tablespoons per day, supplementing the normal ration based on hay. We recommended making good hay and water available for them.

8 super-crispy ingredients to delight your little friend.
MUESLI FLAKES is a balanced and nutritious mixture of flakes for the daily diet of rodents. Made without using pellets so that the quality of its cereal and vegetable flakes is visible even to the naked eye. No powder or flours, to improve the wear of your rodent’s teeth. Steamed cereals and legumes for tasty flakes that enhance the flavour of each ingredient and maintain all the nutritional values.