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BE-NATURAL is the 2G PET FOOD line, born to naturally support the health and well-being of dogs. A tasty and healthy dog bar line, handmade only using completely natural ingredients without added-sugars, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. Be-natural bars are suitable for every size of dog and are easy to feed. Their aim is to prevent and relieve some of the most common diseases in dogs using all-natural solutions. Be-natural bars turn simple moments of dog health-care into cuddle times, since bars have effective well-being properties and are delicious as a reward.

All-natural bar supporting dog musculoskeletal system wellbeing, relieving joint and muscle soreness.

BE-ACTIVE is a natural concentrate of herbal power, with carefully selected ingredients. The active ingredients of boswellia, turmeric and fenugreek help improve muscle and, especially, joint mobility. The bar helps to reduce stiffness; inflammation; swelling and soreness connected to joint diseases and illness and also helps post-trauma and post-exercise recovery. The use of Be-active is suggested to dogs affected by joint diseases, muscular fatigue and soreness after intense exercise, to dogs predisposed to joint pathologies, to senior and sports dogs involved in joint-stressing activities such as working-, rescue-, hunting- and agility dogs. The bar is tasty for dogs, who can easily eat it as a common snack, turning a simple moment of dog health-care into a time for pampering your pet.

The product is available as a single bar or in a re-sealable pack of 30 bars.

Suitable for

Preventing muscular and articular disease and illness
Improving joint mobility
Reducing articulation inflammation, swelling and soreness
Supporting post-trauma and post-exercise muscle recovery

Which are the areas Be-active affects?

Be-active’s target areas are mostly the joints. Be-active supports and prevents the most common dog joint diseases and pathologies. It relieves stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness to articulations, muscle, cartilage and tendons. The target areas are:

1 neck | 2 back | 3 glutes | 4 hip | 5 knees | 6 elbows | 7 front and back paws

Completely natural | Added-sugar-free | Preservative-free | Artificial colouring- and flavouring-free

Technical Sheet
When is the use of Be-active recommended?2020-06-22T11:07:51+02:00

Be-active helps to prevent and relieve joint stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness. Suggested cases for use include:

  • Stiffness
  • Articular inflammation
  • Muscular fatigue and soreness after intense activity
  • Post-trauma recovery support
  • Breeds predisposed to joint pathologies
  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs involved in joint-stressing activities, such as working-, sheep-, rescue-, hunting- and agility dogs.
  • Dogs that are overweight, in order to relieve joint stress
My dog is healthy, but it will face intense and concentrated exertion. How can I avoid fatigue and soreness connected to uncommon exercise?2020-06-22T11:13:59+02:00

In cases of competitions or sports activities demanding intense and concentrated physical exertion that your dog is not used to, such as outdoor trips, start using Be-active 2 days ahead of the physical exertion and continue to use it at least 3 days afterwards, then continue to use it on a daily basis.

How can I understand whether my dog has joint problems? Which are the signals?2020-06-22T11:18:37+02:00

Joint diseases can be temporary, such as trauma and inflammation connected to intense exercise or caused by severe pathologies. Therefore, consult a vet for appropriate problem evaluation and solutions.

Dog owners play a key role in noticing there is something wrong and must quickly consult a vet. Look out when your dog:

  • Seems tired and tends not to move much
  • Seems stiff when walking
  • Has an unusual gait, when walking, running or resting
  • Waking–up, in wintertime and in humid weather gets worst
How can I solve my dog’s joint disease?2020-06-22T11:33:16+02:00

Consult a vet when you notice there is something wrong, since joint diseases can be temporary or connected to chronic diseases. The vet will understand the cause of the problem and recommend the best solution.

You can use Be-active to prevent and relieve all joint disease, such as stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness. Then, you can:

– look out for your dog’s weight, adopting a balanced and healthy diet, since excessive weight stresses joints
– go for a walk often, even for shorter, but more frequent ones, to safeguard good mobility
– provide a comfortable and warm spot in which to rest, avoiding climbing up and down the sofa and especially sleeping on the floor

Does joints disease only affect senior dogs?2020-06-22T11:37:03+02:00

Joint pathologies do not only affect senior dogs. Sports and working dogs undergoing continuous joint-stressing activities, even when young, can also be affected. Dogs being overweight or breeds predisposed to specific joints pathologies can suffer from it, too.

Which are the main causes of joint inflammation?2020-06-22T11:45:42+02:00

Inflammation is usually connected to intense physical exertion or exercise the dog is not used to. Trips, working or sports activities involving an intense or a longer exertion that differs from your dog’s habits can lead to joint inflammation.

How many Be-active bars should I feed my dog per day?2020-06-22T08:49:19+02:00

Feed it daily to your dog to achieve the desired effects. You can feed it to your dog as a treat or crumble it into pieces and mix it into any kind of dog-food. Be-active’s breakable shape is suitable for all sizes of dog.
Follow the feeding suggestion below:
Dogs up to 10 kg: half a bar per day
Dogs over 10 kg: one bar per day

When should I feed my dog Be-active?2020-06-22T11:00:16+02:00

Any time during the day is suitable, both between and during meals, as a snack or crumbled into pieces and mixed into any kind of dog-food, following the feeding suggestion.

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