When should I feed my dog Be-active?2020-06-22T11:00:16+02:00

Any time during the day is suitable, both between and during meals, as a snack or crumbled into pieces and mixed into any kind of dog-food, following the feeding suggestion.

How many Be-active bars should I feed my dog per day?2020-06-22T08:49:19+02:00

Feed it daily to your dog to achieve the desired effects. You can feed it to your dog as a treat or crumble it into pieces and mix it into any kind of dog-food. Be-active’s breakable shape is suitable for all sizes of dog.
Follow the feeding suggestion below:
Dogs up to 10 kg: half a bar per day
Dogs over 10 kg: one bar per day

What is the difference between 2G Pet Food Break and 2G Pet Food Cookies?2020-06-22T14:08:53+02:00

Both are dog snacks that can be used on different occasions, but neither substitute your dog’s meal.
2G Pet Food Cookies are made like traditional pastry biscuits, with quality flour used for the dough.
2G Pet Food Break, on the other hand, are a steam cooked vegetable and cereals pocket-concentrate to have always with you. Useful when travelling or when you are away from home, Break bars are developed to satisfy your dog’s hunger and are a more filling snack than cookies.

Why a choose a fibre-rich snack?2020-06-22T14:08:09+02:00

Fibre has a high hunger-satisfying quality, without weighing down or affecting a balanced and healthy diet, unlike other nutrients. Fibre Break is the satiating dog snack, proving a great source of natural energy and fibre, while improving intestinal health.

Why is Fibre Break a “hunger-break”?2020-06-22T14:03:46+02:00

Fibre Break is fibre-rich, thanks to carefully selected vegetable and whole cereals, creating a highly digestible and satiating snack. Fibre Break satisfies your dog’s hunger without weighing him down, since it is made only of 100% natural ingredients.

How much Fibre Break should I feed my dog on a daily basis?2020-06-22T13:58:24+02:00

Fibre Break can be fed to your dog on a daily basis, without exceeding the total suggested doses, even when feeding takes place in different moments of the day. Since it is a satiating snack, it is recommend feeding it to your pet away from meals, so as not to lower its appetite. Fibre Break is shaped to make it suitable for every size of dog. Follow the feeding suggestion below:
Dog up to 10 kg: half a bar per day
Dog over 10 kg: one bar per day

When should 2G Pet Food Break be used?2020-06-22T11:56:43+02:00

You can use 2G Pet Food Break on many different occasions. Use them to satisfy your dog’s hunger before the next scheduled meal or when your dog suddenly feels hungry away from home. Break bars are perfect when travelling and you aren’t able to feed your dog at the usual time or just as a tasty snack.

Which are the main causes of joint inflammation?2020-06-22T11:45:42+02:00

Inflammation is usually connected to intense physical exertion or exercise the dog is not used to. Trips, working or sports activities involving an intense or a longer exertion that differs from your dog’s habits can lead to joint inflammation.

Does joints disease only affect senior dogs?2020-06-22T11:37:03+02:00

Joint pathologies do not only affect senior dogs. Sports and working dogs undergoing continuous joint-stressing activities, even when young, can also be affected. Dogs being overweight or breeds predisposed to specific joints pathologies can suffer from it, too.

How can I solve my dog’s joint disease?2020-06-22T11:33:16+02:00

Consult a vet when you notice there is something wrong, since joint diseases can be temporary or connected to chronic diseases. The vet will understand the cause of the problem and recommend the best solution.

You can use Be-active to prevent and relieve all joint disease, such as stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness. Then, you can:

– look out for your dog’s weight, adopting a balanced and healthy diet, since excessive weight stresses joints
– go for a walk often, even for shorter, but more frequent ones, to safeguard good mobility
– provide a comfortable and warm spot in which to rest, avoiding climbing up and down the sofa and especially sleeping on the floor

How can I understand whether my dog has joint problems? Which are the signals?2020-06-22T11:18:37+02:00

Joint diseases can be temporary, such as trauma and inflammation connected to intense exercise or caused by severe pathologies. Therefore, consult a vet for appropriate problem evaluation and solutions.

Dog owners play a key role in noticing there is something wrong and must quickly consult a vet. Look out when your dog:

  • Seems tired and tends not to move much
  • Seems stiff when walking
  • Has an unusual gait, when walking, running or resting
  • Waking–up, in wintertime and in humid weather gets worst
My dog is healthy, but it will face intense and concentrated exertion. How can I avoid fatigue and soreness connected to uncommon exercise?2020-06-22T11:13:59+02:00

In cases of competitions or sports activities demanding intense and concentrated physical exertion that your dog is not used to, such as outdoor trips, start using Be-active 2 days ahead of the physical exertion and continue to use it at least 3 days afterwards, then continue to use it on a daily basis.

When is the use of Be-active recommended?2020-06-22T11:07:51+02:00

Be-active helps to prevent and relieve joint stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness. Suggested cases for use include:

  • Stiffness
  • Articular inflammation
  • Muscular fatigue and soreness after intense activity
  • Post-trauma recovery support
  • Breeds predisposed to joint pathologies
  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs involved in joint-stressing activities, such as working-, sheep-, rescue-, hunting- and agility dogs.
  • Dogs that are overweight, in order to relieve joint stress
Barf Diet and Diet Flakes vegetables and cereals flakes?2019-08-09T17:54:21+02:00

If you decide to undertake the BARF * diet, feeding your dog will involve the use of raw foods and will consist of 80% of products of animal origin (chicken, turkey, horse, cattle, sheep, etc., with bones, cartilage, offal, fat and tripe) and 20% of vegetable products (fruit and vegetables). Diet Flakes is good as integration of vegetable-based products with crunchy natural flakes of vegetables and steam-cooked cereals.

* “Bones and Raw Food” or subsequently “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”.

Which are the aromatic herbs benefits?2019-08-08T15:59:56+02:00

Basil is a natural soother and relaxer, the oils contained in the leaf’s fiber contributes in relieving the effects of the dog’s arthritis and healing for the articulations.  Basil is an intestinal anti-inflammatory and it promotes the proper activity of the urinary tract. Furthermore, it is an excellent insect repellent for the summer.
Rosemary, rich of mineral salts (potassium, calcium and iron) and vitamin B6, is a refreshing digestive, a depurative, decongestant and a natural tonic and stimulant. Rosemary has antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
Sage is ideal for the oral hygiene, gives a pleasant breath to the dog and has balsamic effects. This plant is therapeutic for the gums because it acts as antibacterial thus reinforcing them.  Sage, additionally, has also a natural digestive power.

How are aromatic herbs used?2019-08-08T16:57:25+02:00

To protec the precious properties of each herbs, we use for each recipethe whole leaf of the basil, rosemary and of the sage, which we blend gently in the Dog Cookies Herbs delicious dough.

Why choose Diet Complete Fish to feed my dog?2019-08-08T17:39:10+02:00

Diet Complete Fish, a monoproteic food (from a single source of animal protein) based on fresh salmon fillets, for light and healthy eating, suitable for lightening diets, especially during warm seasons. Salmon has a positive effect on a dog’s entire organism and high biological value. The salmon, which is easily digestible, contains a high percentage of essential Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids. Diet Complete Fish is particularly suited to cases of skin, gastrointestinal and joint problems.

What are Super-Foods?2019-08-09T08:45:25+02:00

Super-foods provide a large quantity of nutritional substances that are very important for the health of animals. Ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, a concentration of health and energy for the wellbeing of your 4-legged friend.

What properties has the Dog Cookies Flakes line?2019-08-09T10:25:58+02:00

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including potassium and magnesium and vitamin B6 and C, keeping muscles and nerves healthy. This fruit is an excellent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It will provide the dog with vivacity and energy. Oats are cereals with a high biological and energy value, highly digestible, they are an excellent source of fibres, iron proteins, zinc manganese and B group vitamins. Banana and oats flake are the ingredients of Banana Cookies.
Blueberries are known for their antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and the numerous benefits they provide to the immune, cardiovascular and urinary systems. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and fibres. Yoghurt is a source of calcium and proteins, important for the health of bones and muscles of your dog, it contains mineral salts and enzymes that help digestion and protect the intestine. Barley is very palatable cereal, easy to digest and with a high energy content. Barley flakes regulate the gastric functions. Barley is rich in mineral salts and is an excellent remineralising, refreshing and firming agent. You can find all these 3 ingredients in Blueberry Cookies.
Coconut is a precious ingredient as it is rich in mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids, it is valid ally of the immune system and correct digestion; together with rice flaks, also rich in vitamins and mineral salts, they provide just the right quantity of highly digestible vegetable fibres, necessary to improve the digestive and intestinal system. Rice is a cereal with a high nutritional value, rich in B group vitamins and some C group vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc and magnesium. Highly digestible and rich in nutrients, it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Falked rice and coconut are the tasty combination of Coconut Cookies.

Why flaked cereals for pets?2019-08-09T11:40:35+02:00

The term flaked is used for cereal grains squashed by a lamination process using cylinders rotating in the opposite direction following the steamed cooking process that it previously undergoes. The advantages of feeding flaked cereals your pets are:
Digestibility: The steam acts on the digestibility of the nutrients and makes them easy to assimilate.
Satiety: The whole fibres of the crispy flakes ensure satiety with smaller portions, helping to maintain a healthy weight.
Safety: teaming between 110 and 140°C sterilizes the ingredients, making them healthier and preserving them in a natural way.
Warranty: Our flaked foods do not contain food powders.
Health: Our food does not contain preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring.
Nutrition: Steaming preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients, ensuring the highest possible energy intake.
Nature: We only use natural ingredients with a high biological value to produce our flakes, without the use of by-products.

Muesli Flakes just flakes and no pellet: why to choose it?2019-08-09T14:38:43+02:00

8 super-crispy ingredients to delight your little friend. MUESLI FLAKES is a balanced and nutritious mixture just of flakes for the daily diet of rodents. Made without using pellets so that the quality of its cereal and vegetable flakes is visible even to the naked eye. No powder or flours, to improve the wear of your rodent’s teeth. Steamed cereals and legumes for tasty flakes that enhance the flavour of each ingredient and maintain all the nutritional values.

Why hay cubes?2019-08-09T15:34:15+02:00

Wafer Hay is hay for rabbits and rodents that supplements your little friend’s diet.
Made using the best meadow hays, it is selected and then pressed until it is the perfect size for nibbling in the cage. WAFER HAY lends the proper balance and consistency to the daily food of rodents and rabbits, as well as allowing you to see how many hay cubes your little animal has eaten, without ever losing sight of its diet. Made in practical cubes, WAFER HAY does not contain fodder flour or powder. Take it with you on trips and on holiday. WAFER HAY provides a tasty pastime.

Sugar and meat free dog cookies, why?2019-08-09T16:12:30+02:00

2G DOG COOKIES PET FOOD are sugar and meat meal free for the simplicity of a homemade cookie. A homemade and traditional recipe, which only uses natural ingredients for healthy rewards “outside” of meal times. Sugar free rewards, all our dog biscuits are sugar free because the digestive system of dogs cannot easily assimilate sugars such as sucrose, glucose and lactose (a high quantity of sugar can cause gastrointestinal and digestive problems in dogs). We decided to take care of all dogs by eliminating all the ingredients that stopped our biscuits from being natural, including meat meal.

Why feed Diet Complete to my dog?2019-08-09T16:53:13+02:00

Diet Complete is the dog feed, which provides a balanced diet because it is made using high quality ingredients that are mixed together in a simple, natural recipe. Food with high biological value which contributes to the well-being and health of your dog.
Diet Complete is the first food for dogs in which vegetables, fibres and cereals can finally be seen by the naked eye, the first diet for dogs that provides quality and freshness. No cereal flour, only crispy flakes and all the energy of meat and fish.

What does partial replacement mean?2019-08-28T10:23:36+02:00

Diet Flakes is a supplement for your dog’s daily diet. Feed it to your pet as a partial replacement (from 10% to 25%) of the normal daily diet. Increase up to 50% in case your dog is overweight.

Why choose Diet Flakes, vegetables and cereals flakes?2019-08-28T10:28:39+02:00

Diet Flakes is a supplement for your dog’s daily diet, made from dehydrated vegetables, steamed legumes and cereals, processed into flakes.
Particularly suitable for industrial diets, because it supplements your dog’s food naturally. Suitable for vegetarian, natural and homemade and barf diets because it contains only the best part of vegetables, legumes and cereals in ready to use fibre flakes.

Dry or moist?2019-08-28T10:29:48+02:00

You don’t need to change your dog’s diet, nor the brand of food you use. Diet Flakes is a flaked food that supplements daily feeding, adding the fibres it contains: vegetables, cereals and legumes, suitable to be added to dry or moist pet food.

The best way to use it:

Dry/croquette diet: add Diet Flakes to croquettes in a bowl and blend until the mixture becomes homogeneous. For small dogs, soften the Diet Flakes by pouring 1 or 2 cm of water into a bowl and stirring until it becomes a smooth soup, then add the croquettes.

Moist/canned diet: mix the moist food with Diet Flakes in a bowl along until it becomes a smooth soup and serve.

DID YOU KNOW?: Dog food is divided according to the nutritional characteristics (complete, complementary or dietary foods) and to the degree of humidity (dry, moist and semi-moist). Diet Flakes is a complementary food for dogs while Diet Complete, as the name suggests, is a complete food. These are dry foods, since the degree of humidity is below 15% approx. Then there are the moist and semi-moist foods, whose humidity varies between 68% and 78% for the former and between 15% and 30% for the latter.

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