Diet Complete | Fiocchi dietetici ad alto valore biologico

Diet Complete Fish is a formula developed to meet the daily nutritional needs of adult all-sizes dogs. Salmon croquettes with added vegetables, fruits and herbs, a source of omega 3 and fatty acids, to support the immune system. A mixture of fibres, steamed vegetables and cereals: for optimum digestion, helps to keep the coat shiny and the skin healthy. A complete food that combines the digestibility of salmon with the variety of high biological value ingredients, as if freshly picked. A balanced diet rich in fibre that provides the nourishment and lightness needed in hot weather conditions or for dogs that are older or suffer from allergies. Fish protein, vegetables and herbs maintain muscle mass and keep teeth healthy, and the flakes of steamed vegetables and cereals provide energy and vitamins for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Crispiness, taste and satiety, Nourishing for delicate dogs, Proper digestion and healthy intestines, Healthier coat and teeth, Ideal weight and vitality.

Technical Sheet

Highly digestible.
Steam-cooked cereals and vegetables.