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Gianni Guidolin Group, was founded more than 40 years ago by its current president, Gianni Guidolin, who from the very beginning directed the production activity towards search, progress, and development of innovative technologies in the agro-alimentary field; thanks to them today the Guidolin Group is an unquestioned worldwide protagonist.

The company Guidolin Gianni born with the aim of producing high quality flaked cereals and technical expertise to satisfy all nutritional requirements. In the early years, the company specialised in the production of feed for cattle, pigs and sheep, providing personalized services to many farms. It paid a great deal of attention to the quality of its service and the product it supplied: it ensured it had qualified nutritionists to study personalised formulas and following rigid rules in the selection of raw materials.

2G Pet Food is a super-premium food product line for those who want to give their pet the best in terms of well-being. We prepare all 2G Pet Food with first rate Italian ingredients, which are carefully selected and steam processed: delicate and natural cooking which encapsulates the food’s nutritional richness in a balanced meal. Through the simple steam pressing of whole ingredients, we obtain crispy and tasty flakes that preserve the fibres, fragrance and very high biological value of the food, which becomes an aid to the intestines, stomach and health of your pets.